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Coimbatore Box Cricket League

Pencil Memories
Prathyugh N.S. - A Freelance Artist teaching Art for self sustaining whilst pursuing his bigger career goals.
Should you Shoot ?
A Music is an end product by itself. You don't need glitzy videos to drive your music career. Music Videos would work if it's a part of your Movie's Production budget. For an Indie Composer, your Music can remain a Happy Single Audio Bachelor. The efforts of making a costly marriage celebration with a video is an unnecessary investment.
Single or Mingle ?
Releasing Music One by One - Lets Streamline the Traffic !
Mastering Metadata
For a Successful Song Ingestion, you need to provide proper metadata. Sharing some best practices here.
Manure Marvel
Manure Marvel! Amplifying Empathy Through Entrepreneurship - Article by Deepika Kamalesh
The Reverberation of Village Bells
Village Bells - an NGO for a noteworthy cause founded by Nivetha Venkatesan and Gowtham Kannan - took shape after an epiphany jolted Gowtham awake from his half-asleep state in the middle of the night.

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