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Releasing Music One by One - Lets Streamline the Traffic !

Why Indie Artists Still Opt for Albums Despite Low Album Consumption in India ?

Unshackling Creativity: Rethinking Album Releases in the Indian Indie Music Scene** 

Introduction: Why do indie artists cling to album releases? It's a question that echoes in the dynamic landscape of the music industry. Let's unravel this mystery and question the path we tread. 

Defining Indie: When we speak of indie artists, we refer to those navigating the industry without the crutch of label support. The very essence of indie lies in the freedom to release music without being tethered to traditional norms. 

The Dilemma of Albums: Why, in an era where we have the autonomy to release singles independently, do indie artists gravitate towards albums? It's a perplexing query that deserves a closer examination. 

Consumer Behavior in India: Consider the audience - perhaps even yourself. When was the last time you indulged in an entire album? If the answer leans towards rare, we confront the reality that albums cater to less than 2 percent of the audience.

Changing Tides of Consumption: Today, music consumption is about choice. People seek and consume specific songs that resonate with them. The era of albums as the primary vessel for creativity is transforming, and it's essential to understand why. 

Evolution of Music Platforms: In the past, albums were a necessity, confined to cassettes or CDs. Now, we have evolved. Digital platforms provide an avenue to showcase an artist's entire body of work under a single profile, liberating creativity from the constraints of an album. 

A Glimpse into Western Practices: Why, then, do Western artists persist in album releases? Conversations with 45 individuals – artists, producers, label owners, and distributors based in Europe – reveal a different reality. The industry there operates on a paradigm of artist-label loyalty, shaped by fears of losing talent to competitors. 

The Label's Quandary: Labels in India adopt an album-centric strategy born out of apprehension. Fearful that a single release could catapult an artist to superstardom, they lock artists into album deals to secure long-term partnerships and safeguard their business interests. 

Breaking Free from the Mold: It's time to question this blindly imitated model. Rather than succumbing to the pressures of labels, Indian indie artists should leverage the current musical renaissance. It's a time where the freedom to release singles aligns seamlessly with the preferences of the Indian audience. 

Conclusion: In the tapestry of India's music scene, the shift towards single releases is not just a suggestion but a beckoning call. Let's untangle ourselves from the album-centric web and embrace the newfound freedom that paves the way for creativity to flourish in the vibrant landscape of Indian independent music.

An article by Sunnyy Vyas, Head, Wynk Studio Community.

Follow Sunnyy Vyas on : LinkedIn | Instagram 

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