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For a Successful Song Ingestion, you need to provide proper metadata. Sharing some best practices here.

In the world of music distribution, ensuring that your song reaches the right audience without any hiccups is crucial. One of the key factors in this process is the metadata associated with your music. By paying attention to the details and following some basic guidelines, you can avoid mishaps and panic situations that may arise during song ingestion. Here's a breakdown of the essentials to help you maintain control over your music's destiny:

Double-Check Your Metadata :- Have you ever found your song in the wrong place or mislabeled? This issue often stems from inaccurate metadata. Before blaming your distributor, ask yourself how many times you've verified the metadata information. Did you submit it correctly? Remember, your distributor sends the same information to all streaming platforms simultaneously. If it lands in the wrong place on one or two platforms, it's more likely a reception issue on the platform's end. In such situations, reach out to your distributor for assistance. They can initiate a special request to the platform to correct it, usually taking around 48 hours.

Consistency is Key : - Let's consider a specific example. If you've included three dots after the song title on your poster or cover art, ensure that those three dots are consistently included in the metadata. Use the same spelling and formatting for the song title across all platforms, including the three dots. This uniformity ensures that your music is presented as intended to your audience.

Genre and Language Selection : - Avoid the temptation to select multiple genres and languages in hopes of landing on more playlists. Quality trumps quantity in this case. Be specific and accurate in your genre and language selection. This ensures that your song reaches the right ears, and from there, you can focus on marketing, pitching, and other efforts to make it truly shine.

By adhering to these fundamental principles, you'll have a smoother song ingestion process and greater control over your music's presentation. Remember, the journey doesn't end with metadata; it's just the beginning. Make sure your music is heard by the right audience and keep working on its promotion to make it truly worth the investment.

Article by Sunnyy Vyas, Head - Wynk Studio Community

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