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A humble approach to Releasing Music in Changing Times.

In the midst of these uncertain times, artists from Haryana have quietly redefined the way we share and experience music. It's not about impressing A&R executives or navigating the complexities of the music industry; instead, it's a simple yet powerful shift in mindset.

Rather than holding onto our creations, hoping for elusive listening sessions, these artists have taken a more direct route. They're choosing to share their music on streaming platforms, letting the world decide its fate. The essence is clear: trust your music, release it, and let its journey unfold organically. 

This humble approach dismisses the need to persuade others to buy into our art. There's no need for compromising on prices or adjusting to industry norms. Instead, the suggestion is straightforward—let the numbers tell the story. When presenting a song, the focus shifts from elaborate explanations to humble statistics, like saying, "This song has garnered 50 million streams and continues to resonate with listeners." 

Recent success stories highlight the impact of this approach. Songs, picked up by movie makers and given a subtle Bollywood twist, found better recall. The secret? Leveraging the power of streaming metrics. It's a quiet revolution where artists pitch their work not to industry insiders but to the people—those who truly matter. 

The blog encourages a departure from the old habit of storing music in hard disks. In a world where trends change every 15 days, it suggests being nimble and releasing music to stay in tune with the times. The emphasis is not on industry intricacies but on a sincere connection with the audience. 

In essence, the blog invites fellow musicians to embrace this humble path—a departure from the grandeur of industry events. Trust in your creative process, share your music, and let the audience be the judge. The future is unfolding, and those who navigate it with humility may find themselves at the forefront of a new musical era.

Article by Sunnyy Vyas, Head - Wynk Studio Community

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