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A Music is an end product by itself. You don't need glitzy videos to drive your music career. Music Videos would work if it's a part of your Movie's Production budget. For a Indie Composer, your Music can remain a Happy Single Audio Bachelor. The efforts of making a costly marriage celebration with a video is an unnecessary investment.

In the dynamic realm of music creation, the perennial debate persists – to invest in music videos or not? As someone deeply entrenched in the streaming industry, let's dissect this dilemma and uncover why that flashy video budget might not be your golden ticket to stardom.

Audience Behavior: Less than 10 percent of music consumers actively switch between platforms. When they fall in love with the audio, they stick to it – saving or downloading without the need for flashy visuals. Are you directing your videos towards the minority, or should your focus be on the silent majority who engage with your music in its pure audio form?

Impactful vs. Expensive: Many indie songs that found cinematic fame had humble, non-expensive videos. This simplicity makes it easier for filmmakers to adopt these songs without incurring hefty video production costs. By keeping your videos less extravagant, you're inadvertently making your content more appealing for potential cinematic use.

Strategic Video Release: While not advocating against videos entirely, consider a strategic approach. Test the waters with a lyrical video. If your song gains traction predominantly on audio platforms, you've saved on unnecessary video expenses. Redirect that saved budget towards your next audio project or collaborations with desired artists.

Possibly create a high-quality 40-50 second video featuring your own face for Instagram and other short-format video platforms.

Say No to Unnecessary Investments: If someone offers to invest in your video, politely decline unless their intentions align with your vision. Some may seek video rights or other significant rights in return for their investment. Be cautious and ensure your artistic integrity remains intact.

Conclusion: Experimentation is the key to success. Leverage India's decent audio consumption to pitch your songs to labels and filmmakers. Showcase your streaming numbers as a testament to your music's appeal, adding weight to your pitches.

Remember, success in the music industry often lies in strategic choices. Don't let flashy visuals overshadow the true star – your music.

An Article by Sunnyy Vyas, Head, Wynk Studio.

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