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Why I started my own OTT Platform ?

Why I started my own OTT Platform ?

AK Online OTT Platform - Creating a self sustaining ecosystem for Indie Films to retain the freedom of movie distribution / sales.

As an Independent Music Composer, I had to go to a lot of radio stations to showcase my song for playback. None of the radio stations even listen to indie music and they reject right away when approached or they don't reply. Unfortunately here, they need a video or a film to be made to play an audio on the radio. Sounds absurd ! When did the ears start seeing ? This was the inspiration to make my first indie feature film Goko Mako, which transformed me from a music composer to an Indie Filmmaker. Later when i approached the radio stations again after making a movie and the video songs, even with a reputed record label, like ZEE Music who bought my music outright at a good price as they were unique, these radio stations wouldn't play my songs. Now they need “star-cast” ! or “Star Composers”. How does an audio heard on the radio via ears receive the star cast info ? - Sounds Absurd again.

That's when I realised that I need to start my own Internet radio to play my own songs and songs of other Indie Music Composers who face such a situation. The same is the issue with TV channels, no encouragement for indie content. So I started my own Live TV Channel to play indie content. I also realised that even on Independence day none of them play independent content. 

After making feature films also, without star-cast nobody supports our content in any of the Cinema Theatres or OTT platforms to get space. No matter how good they are, here the players are least interested to view them. So Instead of cribbing, I went ahead and published my own official website with my own LIVE TV, Internet Radio, Magazine, and I also sold my movies tickets 3 months prior to release at zero rupees online booking convenience fee and proved to Cinema Theatres that I can bring in Box Office Numbers. I also get my customer database which is a bigger asset that would help me bring down my promotion cost for my next venture.

My initiatives and efforts were appreciated by PVR and they became my multiplex partner and gave me prime shows. This made a lot of other upcoming Indie Filmmakers and artists get hope that they can also bring Indie Films to Cinema Theatres. The same was with Zee Music, who was also a great support to my indie ventures.

The OTT platforms are no Different from Cinema Theatres except for the size of the screen and sound quality. Most OTT platforms expect the same star-cast and most of them don't even care for viewing the full movie before judging the content. I do like some mainstream films, but what about other offbeat content and new upcoming talents and indie film makers? That's the topic here. Sometimes Netflix could be excused and exempted from this scenario as they give a slightly better thought process in professionally acquiring off beat innovative content when compared to other players. But I can't take that as a thumb rule and make content for Netflix. Suddenly Hungama recognised my indie film out of the blue. But can it happen to all indie film makers?

As an entrepreneur, more of a Solopreneur, I would always have a thought process of creating a self-sustaining system. Even a mixie-grinder seller acquires his customer database and when he launches a new model he sends notifications & offers. For decades, the movie industry is running without a customer database, that is the reason why crores of money is being wasted in the name of promotions and this process is repeated for every single movie from ground zero.

It's time to have our own platforms. I gave a loud and clear voice through my awareness videos and a huge call for producers coming up with their own Pay and Watch Platforms, during the early 2020. These videos went viral among the mainstream filmmaker / producer community here. Some woke up and got into the action and built their own platforms which people witness during the mid 2020.

I then created "AK Online"  - an exclusive OTT platform for Indie content creators.  A revolutionary one ! I strongly felt the following features would kickstart a change in the current system and change the way the business happens for indie content. Oh, was there a business before ??? No worries. From now there is a source of revenue for the Indie.

We believe, in future, every content should be available in every platform / device accessible to the whole world with an instant sales tracking dashboard to the content creator / owner who is the actual foundation of the entire ecosystem. TVOD / PPV in a non-exclusive fashion shall bring respect, peace & deserving revenue to every filmmaker.   

Thanks for reading the article.

Regards,  #Arunkanth

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AK Online OTT Platform

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