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Why Visual Arts ? SriNavin's platform for wild imaginations !

Why Visual Arts ? SriNavin's platform for wild imaginations !

Wednesday, September 14, 2022 srinavin visual art nataraj statue

Srinavin is a Photographer & a 3D Visualiser from Coimbatore.He found his interest for visual arts after his graduation.He creates Conceptual and Surreal Artworks using 3D Modelling Software.

There was always a strong bonding between Computers and me. During my engineering days, I had some fun with Photoshop, making comical stuff and went on to make Hollywood look-alike posters by replacing or adding my photos on to it.

After college, I took up a job in R&D, but felt that was not my cup of tea. I started retouching photos of others, simply out of fascination, to create fanciful stuff. One fine day I realised it is time to make my own. I quit my job for then this journey which started in 2012.

A friend of mine gave his camera and I was like a kid just figuring out the basics. Months passed, I was working in the pre-production of a Film which never went on to production. I was hired to make posters and promotion videos. I almost tried every genre of work for almost a couple of years. All those days, I could hear little voice. “No this is not yours”.

My calling was entirely different.

I was having a spiritual instinct throughout and in 2015 I had my first visit to Himalayas, getting into a new dimension. I felt so small, realised I have learned nothing. I started my solo travel to Gokarna, a place with a different language, but with some cultural similarities to my life. This was a life changing trip when I decided to make conceptual work on my own, not limiting to just photoshop. I found a big answer to my creative needs, but with practical difficulties, I have an ocean to cross.

What Softwares do you use ?

I had the same question back when i started. There are many softwares, with their own advantages and disadvantages. Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Houdini, Solidworks etc. are the once I use !

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