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Content creators should not be a bait for the Telecom Industry. A movie is not a phone call to be earned in minutes streamed. Its suppose to be a wholesome experience and to be purchased in full to retain its purpose / essence.

Remember, the cost per movie watch = Total subscription paid divided by No of movies / content you watch.

Other than the first couple of months of you being a new subscriber, you are mostly likely to watch just 1 or 2 titles a week and sometimes under 3 titles a month. Some don't even watch a single content for a few months. OTT Platforms don’t want you to do this calculation.

Remember SVOD (Subscription based Video on Demand) is dying ! The future is TVOD (Transaction based Video on Demand / Pay Per View). People have started to realise that they are paying for what they don't watch !

People also hate to see ads in between content. 

Let every content be available in every platform with transparent live sales tracking dashboard to the content owner so that every movie gets what it deserves and true market value is known. The so called big hero's don't want to try and open this Pandora's box so that their false market value is never exposed. Hence they sell outright and the buyer is in trouble else he resells it and the last buyer is in disaster and we never get to know his story.

Paying for a particular title (TVOD) model is the only way the content can become the real king else the distribution King Kong eats the content creator. The business model of Earning by minutes is the biggest stupidity as content creation does not come under telecom industry to be earned like phone calls in minutes / hours. Let’s not make content creators a bait for the telecom Industry’s benefit. Don’t sell your content in bits and pieces. A content / movie is a product to be sold / watched in a wholesome to have its true essence. Story telling does not work like phone calls to have a minute by minute  information exchange. It's a wholesome experience, I repeat.

Other than the TVOD business model, every other model will fail sooner or later, and in a mad rush to earn quick, the industry will be demolished even more and will kill the habit in people paying due amount for what they consume if we continue the bogus SVOD model. That’s how music sales was destroyed for new / upcoming talents by packaging it for a throw away price. Now it’s being replicated to video.

Don’t be a bait dear content creators. Your creativity is god’s gift. Don’t let people misuse you. OTTs don’t want you to do this calculation. Remember SVOD is dying ! The future is TVOD / Pay Per View. People have started to realise that they are paying for what they dont watch ! Subscribers are waking up now and the cancel culture is picking up real good speed.

Dear Content Creators ! Don't let anyone misuse you and your work. Be calm, Have Patience, earn for a life time. Retain your rights. Monetise it with every single human on this planet who wishes to watch your content. Grow organically. Be Proud.

An Article by Arunkanth, Independent Filmmaker & Founder of AK Online OTT Platform. 

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